Plagiarism by DIGIT  

Posted by Jainuine

Recently, I was told by my friend about the plagiarism done by the computer magazine "DIGIT". Along with a few other freebies, they shared a few wallpapers. One of them is -

The interesting part is that, this snap is a direct rip-off of the theme of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore's annual Inter b-school Fest - IRIS 2005. A snap of the same is -

My friends from IIM - Jassi and Sharma were the master-minds behind the same. I feel sorry that their efforts are been dawned by someone with no credit to them. They do deserve acknowledgment on the same to say the least and a reputed magazine like DIGIT should not be doing this.

Its too strange a co-incidence otherwise!
What do you think?


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Don't take this the wrong way, but our IRIS mascots themselves resembled the following -
Sorceress from He-Man -
He-Man -
The Flame from the Fantastic Four
The Fish-Man character from Hellboy - The Movie

7:53 PM

Jairam, yaar as I see it DIGIT has almost directly lifted the characters sketched by our team. No case of being inspired/influenced. I am sure DIGIT would refute this, but we all understand what has happened.

11:55 AM

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